What People Say


E. Saunders:

I have been working with Lavinia on a regular basis for more than a year and a half. She has helped me enormously in so many ways. Lavinia has an impressive understanding of human anatomy. She also has the unique ability to look at my body and know what areas need attention. She has helped me gain greater mobility, ease, strength and balance in my body. I feel so much lighter and freer in my body after a session with her. I also feel more calm and centered. She is very respectful, professional, upbeat and encouraging. I am grateful for Lavinia's caring and healing ministrations. I highly recommend her to you.

N. Zimmerlund: 

In 1997 I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth Neurological Disorder and told by the neurology team at Oregon Health Sciences University that I would be in a wheelchair within two years. Almost 20 years later I have traveled to Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa and I am NOT in a wheelchair!!! Not bad for a lady of 63. Lavinia Magliocco and Pilates have inspired and enabled me to develop not only the physical skills but also the confidence necessary to be ambulatory. Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) is an inherited neurology disorder which affects the nerves causing muscles to contract and atrophy. For me this has manifested in significant weakness of the feet, lower legs, hands and joint instability. After this diagnosis I was BLESSED to find Lavinia. She gives me the tools to work with my body to develop core strength, stability, flexibility and balance. She reads my body and knows what is best for me in each session. She has enhanced my proprioception and balance while challenging me in a variety of planes of movement. She has modified exercises, developed a variety of devices I can use to assist me in performing the exercises and given me explicit exercises to work on at home. She has assisted me through the recovery of many injuries and surgeries. Most importantly Lavinia has provided me with the tools to live a life of FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and JOY! I recommend her highly!!!

M. Freinquel

Owned and run by veteran pro-ballerina, Lavinia Magliocco KNOWS the body. When an ankle surgery left my whole body feeling extraordinarily tight, and PT was no longer challenging and lacked a holistic approach, I went to Equipoise for a whole body experience. We stretched and strengthened on the pilates reformer machines, did some yoga posing that I could work on at home, and used some fun massaging and strengthening props - it was so exciting I felt like a kid at summer camp. Lavinia makes healing feel within grasp. She is intuitive, smart as hell, supportive, and knows feet and ankles so thoroughly...which is really comforting after surgery.

I can't recommend Lavinia enough - whether you're recovering from an injury or your body just needs some love, toning, strengthening, whatever...don't sleep on this chick, I'm telling you.

S. Clark

I love Equipoise! I have been coming to Lavinia for years and I am still so astonished by how incredible this woman is and how much she knows about the body. The best thing about having a session at Equipoise is that Lavinia really makes it about you and making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. I can't describe the feeling after a session - it's fantastic! I even give sessions to my friends as Christmas presents because I'm so sure that they'll enjoy them as much as I do.
As a dancer I always manage to hurt myself in the strangest ways possible but Lavinia always comes up with something I can do about my injuries with a much broader perspective than any of the physical therapists I've been to. Lavinia and Equipoise have done so many things for me including helping me to understand my body, overcoming physical predispositions and even emotional troughs. It really is wonderful!

G. Fielder

Working with Lavinia has changed the way I view my body and its capabilities. I have been able to reach goals that I either thought were impossible for me, or that I didn't even know I wanted to reach. During a session it's almost as if your body's limitations start to disappear. Even when you can't get through an exercise fully or do a movement exactly how you want it to be, you know that Lavinia will give you the tools, specific to your body and your ambition, that are needed to get anywhere. My favorite part about having a session isn't the work, though it's almost unparalleled, it's the fact that even when your body is on fire and you think you're going to collapse, you're still smiling ear to ear. I have never been in an exercise environment that felt so welcoming and encouraging. Whether you work in a profession that requires top fitness or not, or whether or not you're injured or sick, it doesn't matter. Although those situations are perfect times to work with Lavinia, a session at Equipoise is worth every penny no matter what your situation is.

D. Lilley

I first became acquainted with Equipoise during my dancing daughter's foot rehab from surgery.  Worked wonders in her recovery, both emotionally and physically.   When my daughter left for college/dance career in LA, I "took over her spot" and began my pilates experience.  Being a clinical sort, I appreciate the knowledge and expertise Lavinia offers in explaining the whys of the movement.  I have also gained a new appreciation of the esoteric component.  Yet, working with Lavinia is more than just pilates, it is a combination of movement, exercise and the study of anatomy -- how the body fits and works together as a whole.  Equipoise is, and continues to be, a game changer for my family.


What if I'm in pain? Should I wait until the pain is gone to move?

It depends. A bone break, or an acute injury or  post-operation recovery, may require you to take time off and not move the injured area. However, it is  possible to continue exercising focusing on other things. But when in doubt, check with your physician.

Do You take insurance?

I don't work directly with insurance companies. But if you have a flexible spending account and a prescription for Pilates, I will help you submit a receipt and you can apply session towards your account.

How old can you start Pilates?

I've worked with students as young as 8 years. The main challenge is that Pilates equipment is designed for people who are at least about 4'8'. Kids can benefit a lot from working individually with me, especially if they're having trouble feeling their muscles.

I've had a Cesaerean. Will I ever have strong abs again?

You absolutely can! I have a 10 inch vertical incision down my belly from a bowel excision and resection. I routinely perform abdominal exercises that challenge people who have never been cut open. You can totally strengthen your abs after a surgery!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I'd love to hear from you! Phone: 1-503-887-3608 

email: epoiselavinia@comcast.net