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Angela Kim


Angela began her athletic career as a competitive figure skater at the age of 6.  She started working with Lavinia when she was 15 while competing in freestyle and dance until she was 18, achieving senior and gold levels. After finishing her competitive career, she was invited to join the prestigious Ice Theater of New York where she performed as an ensemble member. She spent 2 years playing principle roles for Disney on Ice and Royal Caribbean’s Ice Revue. During this time she discovered her passion for the circus arts, moving to Montreal to learn the craft. She spent the next decade specializing in aerial tissu, performing as a freelance artist. 

In 2009, Angela brought her skating and circus skills together in a unique blend, combining skating and flying in a seamless performance.  Her act was featured in Robin Cousin’s Holiday on Ice show Tropicana which toured Northern Europe.  In 2013, Angela teamed up with 5 other artists to create Aerial Ice, an innovative combination of figure skating, rope and tissu.  Aerial Ice competed in America’s Got Talent, making it to the quarterfinals at Radio City Music Hall.

In 2017 Angela toured with Cirque du Soleil’s show VOLTA.  In addition to a lead character role, she performed in a four artist acrobatic number on 35 foot-tall automated rotating ladders. 

Angela is passionate about making sure both her youth and adult students learn strong fundamentals.  She views it as essential to help emerging artists find their own vocabulary and unique movement quality, and believes it is the best way to open up possibilities for creativity.  She is a certified pilates instructor, and uses this experience to help her students learn to move efficiently and achieve their potential.  Angela draws on 15 years of teaching experience as a figure skating coach, pilates instructor and aerial specialist. Angela is currently performing internationally with her aerial straps partner Stuart Mckenzie and coaching workshops around the world. 

Lucas Threefoot

Lucas Threefoot

Lucas currently dances with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in the South of France. He began dancing age 4, trained and danced with Oregon Ballet Theater School and Company,  where he was my student. Lucas is not only a physically exceptional performer, but a deeply curious, spiritual, and explorative person. Check out his blog, below, Corporal Culture:

Leann and Thomas Forster, American Ballet Theater

Leann Underwood Forster

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