Bring Your Body Into Alignment

In the journey of a single step, which lasts no more than 0.65-0.8 seconds, every joint in your body is designed to move in three dimensions. The moment your foot hits the ground, you are unleashing a cascade of potential healing. Or not.

Gary Ward created the Flow Motion Model in Anatomy In Motion. The model is a map of the  human body in motion. He recognized what each joint in the body is doing in each of seven phases of walking, in three dimensions, from each bone in the foot, through the legs, pelvis, ribcage, shoulders, neck, and head.

Create a Healing Environment

During movement, the joints, ligaments, and muscles in your body all play a role. Everything is dependent  on all the parts being capable of doing their job. When a body reduces movement to protect an injury, for example, other areas of the body begin to compensate. As an example, a foot injury  can lead to neck problems.

Proprioception: A Balanced Body

When your center of mass is moving effectively, your joints are able to negotiate many kinds of movement. Further, while traditional therapies emphasize stability, the fact is, we are designed to move. Effective, flowing movement depends upon body awareness, our ability to sense where and how we are in space. This is also called Proprioception. Body awareness is the ability to feel our sensations and movements accurately. It requires a willingness to pay attention to ourselves. The Flow Motion Model offers our neurological system new information and opportunities to rewire compromised movement patterns.