About Lavinia

I am dedicated to helping people move with ease, poise, confidence, and freedom.  

Change can't happen without challenges. Challenge can't occur inside our comfort zones. Comfort zones exist outside our awareness. Awareness is key to change. Awareness of how you move, how you don't move, and how you could move. Equipoise is a safe place to challenge your awareness and step outside your comfort zone in privacy, with a professional and experienced guide. 

About Us

Still dancing....


I've confronted various challenges throughout my life, beginning with a diagnosis of Crohn's disease at age 18 that interrupted my career as a professional ballet dancer. I discovered Pilates at age 27, after eight years of disabling symptoms, a bowel excision and resection. Within 2 years of coming back to dancing, I was offered a contract to dance at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Subsequently, I moved to Portland, OR where I taught for six years at Oregon Ballet Theater's school and company, and helped Nike headquarters set up a Pilates program. I started my own Pilates studio with one reformer and a physio-ball in 2000. In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent a double mastectomy. Pilates once again helped me to recover rapidly and safely.

You've got my full attention!

Each Session Dedicated to You!

Sure, you can take Pilates classes anywhere, just like you can buy fast food or fast fashion. But you're not like anyone else. Why should your body get the same treatment as anyone else's? Your history is unique. Your body tells a special story and your dance is only yours. At Equipoise, you get time to really delve into what you need with someone who will witness, teach, guide, and encourage you. You are not alone. No one gets through life unscathed. A poet once said, "We're all just walking each other home." I'm here to make sure you've got what you need to make the journey, to make it safely, and to make it beautifully.

Imagination + Movement = Play

If you're tired of the same old routine, the same aches, it's time to change the game. Perhaps an old injury changed your relationship to gravity, and you've been compensating ever since. Your shoulder pain may not mean there's anything wrong with your shoulder. Find out what unused potential is waiting to be unlocked in your body. I have many tools besides Pilates. Mindless exercise will not solve anything. You will have to engage your mind, your heart, your imagination. When these plus the right techniques and assessments come together, you can bring back the inherent wisdom and potential freedom the human body already knows and is wired for.