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Jumping on a reformer is a great way to rehab from injury for safety and power.

Pilates for all Ages and Conditions

Increase functional  flexibility, strength, coordination, conditioning, balance, stamina, and performance.  Whether you are 8 years old, or 95 years young - the age of my oldest client - your body, mind, and over-all wellbeing are enhanced through Pilates. I also bring other disciplines to our work, depending on individual needs. Because each of us is unique, each session is tailored to  each individual. Fitness that's fit for you! Practicing Pilates in Portland since 2000.

Back arching for strength and flexibility.

Pilates for dancers and athletes

Whether your dance is ballet, ballroom, or basketball, using Pilates equipment enhances your strength, coordination, and proprioception - the ability to sense what you're doing with your body through three planes of movement. 

Work with feet in straps for core stability and leg & hip flexibility.

Pilates for Elders

Pilates for elders can improve their agility, balance, coordination, confidence, energy, and focus. Studies show that engaging in physical activity keeps the mind agile as well. 


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